Friday, August 19 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm
First Floor Gallery Space, Price GIlbert, Georgia Tech Library
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Week of Welcome 2022: Behind the Scenes: The Archives' Vault

Tour participants will learn about the Georgia Tech Archives’ collections and library spaces, including a behind the scenes tour of the Archives’ vault containing rare books on the history of science that are foundational to our current understanding of physics, astronomy, engineering, and mathematics.

Learn about Georgia Tech history and traditions from the original source material and find out how to access these collections in the Archives Reading Room.

Tours will visit the retroTECH lab, where visitors can view vintage technologies, from slide rules to Sega Genesis, as well as emulations of retro platforms on modern devices.

This tour will start inside the Price Gilbert Library (704 Cherry St NW) in front of the gallery space.   


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