Saturday, April 9 2022
8:30am - 6:30pm
Klaus Advanced Computing Building
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Catalyst 2022: Your Learning Liftoff

On Saturday, April 9th HexLabs is hosting Catalyst 2022: Your Learning Liftoff – our annual STEM education learn-a-thon. Our program reaches over 400 high schoolers across the Metropolitan Atlanta Area every year and we seek to recruit mentors passionate about our mission. 

With the goal of connecting youth to fundamental computing principles, Catalyst will be offering four tracks: AI/ML/Data Science, Web Development, Entrepreneurship/Product Development, and Cybersecurity! As a Catalyst mentor, you’ll have the opportunity to work with students that currently have limited access to STEM education at their high schools. By sharing your CS, engineering, or entrepreneurial experiences, you can become a part of these students’ STEM learning journeys and spark inspiration.

To make this initiative a success, we need your help. HexLabs would like to invite you and your friends to guide these aspiring inventors as mentors!

Mentor responsibilities include:

  • Co-leading a student cohort of up to 12 students
  • Fostering peer-to-peer connections between mentees within cohorts
  • Encouraging mentees to take advantage of learning opportunities throughout the day
  • Supporting mentees to continue engaging with topics even after Catalyst
  • Arriving on time and staying the entire duration of the event

We’ll cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you will also receive swag from HexLabs and our sponsors.

If you are interested, please register as a mentor at

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to - we'd love to help!