Thursday, March 17 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm
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Battery Storage and its role in Decarbonization - Dr. Rachna Vidhi, NextEra Energy

In this presentation, the attendees will learn about battery storage technology, applications, and the advantages of integration with renewable energy technologies. They will find out how the most recent large-scale deployments were made and the benefits they provide to the electrical grid. They will also learn about potential job opportunities in this field for new graduates as well as experienced members.

Dr. Rachana Vidhi is a Project Director at NextEra Energy Resources. She is currently working on the integration and development of large-scale energy storage projects coupled with renewable generation. She has extensive experience in a variety of renewable energy technologies including energy storage, wind, photovoltaic, concentrated solar thermal, and fuel cells. During her career with NextEra Energy, she led the engineering design and integration of some of the first solar + storage projects as well as developed patented technologies for hybrid resource deployment and long-term operations that have been patented.

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