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Wednesday, December 8 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm
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Mindfulness Based Wellness and Resilience

Join us for this webinar for tools that will help you integrate mindfulness into your leadership style and personal life.

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Program Overview
Stress is an inevitable part of being human. It is, therefore, through growing your capacity to find ease amidst stress that you find personal and professional success. As we approach the holiday season in tandem with a pandemic, economic challenges and family demands, anxiety and stress can elevate so now more than ever is an essential time to expand your tools for working skillfully with stress. Mindfulness-driven emotional intelligence is a skill set that helps you connect to your own physical, mental, and emotional experiences, and through the awareness of those experiences, expand your capacity to work through them consciously and skillfully. Rooted in recognizing your own humanity and working with the humanity of the people around you, mindfulness is a powerful tool not only in your personal life but in your professional life as well. Even in the most challenging circumstances, a mindful leader can remain steady and continue to make thoughtful, strategic, and forward-thinking decisions. In an era of change and uncertainty, this kind of professional leadership stands out among others and will make all the difference in the direction of an organization.

This webinar is led by Tiffany Andras-Myers, instructor for Georgia Tech Professional Education, certified mindfulness coach, and evolutionary biologist.  She holds a B.S in Biology and an M.S. in Biology and Aquatic Chemical Ecology from Georgia Tech.

Tiffany is also the executive director of A Mindful Heart, a private non-profit organization that serves metro Atlanta’s low-income, impoverished, and underserved communities by providing free access to tools that enhance mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. Its mission is to provide easy access to tools that create a more stable, compassionate, and accepting mental foundation for thriving as a human being in an uncertain world. Her current path focuses on utilizing a combination of research and education to better the human condition both individually and as a whole. Through collaborative work in the fields of developmental psychology, meditation, yoga, group and environmental psychology, and education, she finds effective ways of teaching personal and social growth in a direction of improved physical and mental health, non-violent global prosperity, and small and broad-scale peace.