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Tuesday, November 9 2021
6:00pm - 7:00pm
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How to Maximize Your Impact in a Career in Computer Science

We'll have a ~25 minute presentation about the remarkable opportunities we have to improve the lives of others through our careers, followed by a lengthy Q&A session. There will be free samosas and snacks!

One possible approach to doing good is "earning to give". Someone in the US earning $65K/year—which is already more than the income of 99% of people in the world—would be able to save dozens of lives over the course of their career by donating to effective charities such as the Against Malaria Foundation. This is an incredible amount of impact! But another option which is likely even more impactful is applying our skills in CS to directly work on pressing global problems, and ultimately have a more meaningful and fulfilling career.

Effective altruism is a global movement centered around how we can use evidence and reason to help us do the most good we can, given our limited time and resources. You can learn more about Effective Altruism at GT on its website, subscribe to its mailing list at, and join its GroupMe at

GT CS Careers Club is dedicated to forming a space where GT students interested in careers in computer science can discuss their careers, prepare for interviews, find open jobs, have their resumes critiqued, and receive mentorship and encouragement from other accomplished students who have been in their shoes before. You can join its Discord at

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