Monday, November 8 2021
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Exhibition Hall
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BAPS Campus Fellowship Diwali Exhibition

In the Joy of Others: Fostering Harmony Through Humility 

Drop in anytime between 7-9pm at our event in the Exhibition Hall which celebrates Diwali, the festival of lights! The event will focus on informing the Georgia Tech community about traditional Indian culture through a cultural exhibition about Diwali, a festival celebrated by individuals from around the world. After hosting a virtual event last year due to COVID-19 on the topic of Forgiveness, we are more excited than ever to host in person this year! Although the main celebration of this event is around Diwali, the underlying values that we highlight are really what impact people and are relatable to all. This year's theme, “In the Joy of Others: Fostering Harmony through Humility” will connect individuals to Indian culture and help embrace diversity on our campus while focusing on humility. As attendees enter the event, they will go through an unique exhibition that will explain Diwali and its values through interactive activities. 

This event will bring students of all cultural backgrounds together for a memorable evening about Diwali and humility!

Join us in this FREE event and enjoy complimentary cultural food!


Check out our in-person event from 2019!