Saturday, October 30 2021
8:00am - 9:00am
Along Fowler Street, between 8th St. and Ferst Dr. , Fowler St, Atlanta , Georgia
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2021 Ramblin' Wreck Parade

The Ramblin' Wreck Parade was created in 1929 as the Old Ford Race, which occurred for two years as a race from Atlanta to Athens. However, in 1932, the administration deemed the event to be unsafe, and thus led to the adjustment to the Wreck Parade in order to preserve the tradition. The original Wreck Parade consisted of two vehicle categories: Fixed Bodies and Classic Cars. Since 1932, the Wreck Parade has been an annual tradition, with the exception of 1942 and 1943, due to the gas shortages during World War II. In 1944, the parade was reintroduced with a third category - contraptions - which are built and powered entirely by students. Now, the Wreck Parade is the last homecoming event to take place before the homecoming football game each year. Students and Alumni alike line up along the street to enjoy the classic cars, floats, contraptions, dance teams, and other groups that walk in the parade. Sign up to become a part of this great tradition! 

Please only sign up for this event if you are participating individually or with an organization. Everyone else is welcome to come watch without signing up!