Wednesday, November 3 2021
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Bill Moore Student Success Center - President's Suite A
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Career Center
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA  30332-0105
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Career Exploration Group Workshop Series: Resources for Career Exploration

Are you an open-minded and enthusiastic student who is ready for self-exploration? Are you ready to actively participate and share thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around your career options? If so, this series is for you! The Career Exploration & Life-Planning Series will focus on various topics that will help you to increase your self-awareness that will enhance your ability to explore your career options.

Over a period of three weeks, the series will cover the following topics:

  • Internal and External Factors that Influence Career and Life Decision-Making
  • Identification of Values, Interests, and Career Ideas
  • Resources for Career Exploration

There is an expectation that group discussions will remain respectful and confidential.

We will be hosting this series both in person, and virtually. 

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