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Thursday, November 11 2021
11:00am - 12:00pm
Roger A. and Helen B. Krone Engineered Biosystems Building, 950 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta, GA 30032, Room 1005
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How Biology Learning Environments Affect Students with Anxiety and Depression: Identifying and Lessening Challenges

Katelyn Cooper, Ph.D.
School of Life Sciences
Arizona State University

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Anxiety and depression are the top two mental health concerns among both undergraduate and graduate life sciences students.  Both anxiety and depression can present serious challenges for students trying to navigate life science programs, including hindering their performance and social connections.  As such, identifying ways to bolster student mental health is an important step toward creaing more inclusive biology learning environments.  This seminar will highlight qualitative and quantitative research studies that have identified aspects of biology learning environments, such as active learning classrooms, research experiences, and online learning, that can alleviate and exacerbate student anxiety and depression.  Additionally, the seminar will discuss small changes that instructors and research mentors can implement in order to help students with anxiety and depression maximize their experience in life sciences programs. 

Host: Dr. Emily Weigel