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Thursday, August 26 2021
11:00am - 12:00pm
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Sensory Neurons Mediating Nocifensive Responses

Liang Han, Ph.D.
School of Biological Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology

Attend the Bluejeans Seminar

My laboratory strives to understand how the nervous system receives, transmits and interprets various stimuli to induce physiological and behavioral responses under normal and pathological conditions. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms of nocifensive responses including the pain and itch sensation in the skin and bronchoconstriction in the airway. These responses are initiated by the activation of sensory neurons that detect internal or external stimuli in the peripheral parts of the body and transmit the signals to the central nervous system. In this talk, I will share with you our recent projects characterizing sensory neurons mediating itch sensation in the skin and neurons controlling bronchoconstriction in the airway. 

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