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Thursday, August 26 2021
5:00pm - 7:00pm
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Tamesha Squire

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2021 Georgia Tech CREATE-X Demo Day

Don't miss this opportunity to meet the Founders from the 80+ startups launched by Georgia Tech and CREATE-X this summer. Watch presentations asynchronously and then talk directly to the Founders during the virtual event hosted on the Gatherly online platform.

Last year's cohort raised millions of dollars shortly after Demo Day. This year's startups range from disruptive deep technology, B2B and B2C software/hardware, to compelling consumer products and fashion. Demo Day is the culmination of 12-weeks of hustle from founders consisting of students, alumni, and faculty representing 20+ different global institutions from all disciplines and backgrounds.

Watch Videos on Demo Day website to be released before the event. Find and talk to the Founders during this networking event at their virtual booths.

5:00-7:00 PM: Interact with founders directly about their startups on the Gatherly, a CREATE-X 2020 company. (Access only available from laptop or desktop Chrome Browser only)

About Startup Launch: Startup Launch is a Georgia Tech CREATE-X accelerator program offered to Georgia Tech students and alumni. For more information visit the CREATE-X website.

Startups are tackling challenges in industries ranging from fashion to IoT to Healthcare. Do not miss your opportunity to be the first to hear about 70+ industry disrupting startups.

INSIDER: Be on the look out as we release Demo Day pitches each of the 5 days prior to Demo Day so you can see which Founders you want to talk to directly.