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Thursday, May 13 2021
9:00am - 12:00pm
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Dr. Jason Borenstein,

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Integrating Ethics and Responsible Computing into Courses: A Workshop

Title: Integrating Ethics and Responsible Computing into Courses: A Workshop

This workshop is designed for faculty who are interested in learning about multiple methods for including ethics and responsible computing activities into their technical courses. The workshop presenters will share approaches to embedding ethics developed both within and outside of Georgia Tech. Attendees will be provided with ideas for in-class assignments along with resources that could be integrated into their upcoming courses.



9:00-9:05am: Welcome and Introduction to the Goals of the Workshop (Ellen Zegura)

9:05-9:25am: How Do I Teach Ethics If I Am Not an Ethicist? (Justin Biddle)

9:30-9:55am: Introducing Ethics Through Assignments (Ben Shapiro and Ellen Zegura)

10:00-10:25am: Embedding Ethics Through Class Activities (Ellen Zegura and Ben Shapiro)

10:30-10:55am: Problem-Based Learning (Wendy Newstetter)

11:00-11:25am: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources (Tia Jackson-Truitt)

11:30-11:55am: Case Studies (Deven Desai and Lucien Dhooge)

11:55-12:00pm: Additional Resources and Concluding Thoughts (Jason Borenstein)

GT Ethics, Technology, and Human Interaction Center (ETHICx)
GT Computing and Society Center
Mozilla Responsible Computer Science Challenge