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Thursday, May 6 2021
2:00pm - 3:30pm
There is no fee to attend.
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Tammy M. McCoy, Ph.D.
Principal Empowerment Officer, GRIOT Employee Resource Group

Courtney Sykes, M.S.
Principal Faculty/Staff Liaison Chair, GRIOT Employee Resource Group

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Community Conversation – The Sequel

“Today’s verdict isn’t ‘justice.' But accountability is a first step to justice." - Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General

As we continue to witness national and global events that wrench our hearts and souls, we know many of you could use another safe space to process your thoughts and feelings. In light of this, the GRIOT Employee Resource Group is hosting “Community Conversation – The Sequel” to be a healing space to process some of these recent events. 

The dialogue will be facilitated by Pearl Alexander and Dr. Tia Jackson, senior leaders in Institute Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.  Again, you will have an opportunity to share personal stories, reflections, emotions and experiences, or simply sit back and listen as others share from their hearts during this time.

NOTE: We are grateful for our allies and recognize that we cannot do this work alone. However, we do ask that this event be reserved specifically as a communal space for faculty and staff of African descent/diaspora. 

Register here: (This conversation will be hosted via Microsoft Teams and will not be recorded.)