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Thursday, April 22 2021
11:00am - 12:00pm
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Start-Ups Transforming Energy Usage

Tanya Barham​

CEO & Founder, Community Energy Labs

One-tenth of US greenhouse gas emissions, or 560M tons of CO2 per year, come from direct combustion of gas in buildings. Ninety-three percent of commercial and institutional buildings use fossil fuels to heat water and air. Policymakers worldwide are initiating changes like building electrification that set the stage for an overhaul of buildings in hopes that better performance will enable improved renewable energy integration and grid benefits. But matching when buildings use energy to when renewables produce it isn't as easy or affordable as it sounds. Barham will talk about how Community Energy Labs is using machine learning to help make building flexibility more affordable and accessible and share some of her lessons learned during 27 yeas of entrepreneurship and 3 start-ups.


Dr. Paul Hines​

CEO & Co-Founder, Packetized Energy​

Professor and the L. Richard Fisher chair in EE, University of Vermont

There is broad agreement that load flexibility is a key element of grid modernization and electrification. The question is: How do we get tens of millions of smart devices deployed into homes and businesses, and then once deployed, how do we enable millions of devices to actually solve grid problems rather than create new ones? This panel presentation will review work that we are doing at Packetized Energy to (a) make it easy for everyone to install and benefit from smart energy devices, and (b) coordinate those device through algorithms inspired by those used in internet communications.