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Thursday, March 18 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Virtual Event - see description for participation info
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CMaT Lunch & Learn with Scientific Bioprocessing Inc.


In this Lunch and Learn presentation, we share how we have combined multiple sensors in suitable form factors for the measurement of pH and dissolved oxygen in a range of culture systems such as multi-well culture plates, microfluidics devices, shake flasks, and bioreactors.

Scientific Bioprocessing Inc. Presenters:

  • Jake Boy -┬áSenior Application Scientist
  • Ian Sarad -┬áSenior Bioprocessing Application Scientist

Personalized medicine in cell and gene therapy has moved therapeutics development back to small scale bioreactors and added new process constraints: cost and form factor. SBI has developed technologies that overcome these challenges and allow researchers to collect real-time sensing data with non-invasive, biocompatible, sterilizable sensors.

We will also present our new fiber optic sensor platform that allows for sensing measurements inside a bioreactor at multiple locatins in a perfusion flow loop upstream or downstream of the bioreactor. This mapping can reveal stagnation zones, insufficient mixing and other process improvement opportunities.

While overcoming form factor limitations is highly beneficial for personalized medicine applications, multi-sensing platforms are also critical in bioprocessing and in increasing reproducibility, reducing cost, and resulting in better cell outcomes. We welcome the CMaT community to this presentation and offer evaluations of our technology to the CMaT researchers to encourage collaborations and help accelerate the development and commercialization of cell therapies.

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