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Tuesday, April 6 2021
3:00pm - 4:30pm
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Lovecraft Country and Black Imagination as a Tool for Liberation

Presenter: Dr. Renee Alexander Craft


Using key themes from the 2020 HBO hit series Lovecraft Country as our inspiration and springboard, this workshop and discussion will focus on the following four questions: 

  • How do Black communities work toward individual and collective healing from the generational trauma caused by white supremacy and anti-Black racism? 
  • How are women’s mobility and agency central to Black liberation? 
  • What work do monsters, burning houses, and cyborgs do in a Black liberatory toolkit? 
  • How do we apply lessons from Lovecraft Country to our own struggles for greater freedom(s)?

Dr. Alexander Craft is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication & Curriculum in Global Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill