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Wednesday, March 31 2021
All day
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PianoForte's Monthly Concert: March

Pick a piece from any composer/ any length, make your performance EXCITING; show OFF your talents, fam; give us ALL THE 'ATTITUDE and submit your recording to PianoForte by midnight on Wednesday 03/31 to participate

About the Monthly Concert:

Every month throughout the month, GT Pianists submit (at least) one recording of them playing a piece of their choosing that fits the month's theme. PianoForte exec then edits the video together, adds some pixie dust, and releases it on our fresh YouTube channel as a virtual concert on the last day of the month, so make sure to subscribe below!

Participation Rules:

  • Submit a video in landscape orientation by the deadline
  • Casual dress code / informal video (just try to keep the sound/vid quality good)
  • Make sure we see at least part of you in the frame playing the piano/keyboard (bonus points if you leave us ~easter eggs~)
  • Can be any genre as long as it fits in the theme!! (Bach or meme music, idc just do ittt & go practice)
  • Can be any length: 1 min, 3 min, anything (but pls... aim for like under 30min max I have to edit that all by hand :0 )
  • Make sure to include identification for the piece/composer, your name, and year/major when you share it with us. You can also include a note about why you chose the piece if you want that in the video description.
  • Open to any GT affiliate (student, staff, faculty, alumni)