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Thursday, February 18 2021
11:00am - 12:00pm
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Guest Speaker & Discussion - The Rise of the Unilateral Executive: Why Trump’s Defeat Won’t Fix the Problem

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Description: The Constitution of the United States divides war powers between the executive and legislative branches to guard against ill-advised or unnecessary military action. This division of powers compels both branches to hold each other accountable and work in tandem. And yet, since the Cold War, congressional ambition has waned on this front. Even when Congress does provide initial authorization for larger operations, they do not provide strict parameters or clear end dates. As a result, one president after another has initiated and carried out poorly developed and poorly executed military policy. Join us as we speak with Sarah Burns, author of a rich book on how the American constitutional system broke down, how it impacts decision-making today, and how we might find our way out of this unhealthy power division.