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Saturday, January 30 2021
11:00am - 2:00pm
Corner of Techwood and 5th, 176 5th St NW
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Nature Walk to Piedmont Park!

Come hang out with cool people and learn about nature with a low key walk to and around Piedmont Park!

We'll leave from campus (the corner of 5th St and Techwood Drive, the intersection right before Tech Square) at 11am, and amble over at a relaxed pace to Piedmont Park. We'll then walk around the park and show y'all some cool corners of it and local ecology within the park, probably finding a nice picnicky area where we can all sit down and spread out. We'll then walk back, returning to campus around 2 p.m., about 4-5 miles round trip (we'll be taking it quite slow, and y'all are free to leave earlier or not walk as long if you're not feeling it).

Wear a mask and keep social distance (6+ feet) at all times, bring layers, water, snacks and sunscreen if needed.

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