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Friday, January 22 2021
10:00am - 5:30pm
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Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts 2021 Graduate Student Conference


Friday, January 22, 2021

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Please enter/exit during the 5-minute period before the panel.

10am Welcome

10:10-10:55am Panel 1: Feminist Politics, Technology, and Women’s Safety

Moderator: Brandy Pettijohn (DM/LMC)

  • Sharon Rachel (HSOC), Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of the Everyday Sexism Project
  • Shubhangi Gupta (DM/LMC), Politics of Safety in India: Technology and perpetuation of gendered discourses

11-11:55am Panel 2: Environment, Energy, Pollution

Moderator: Stephen Norris (GMC/ML &LMC)

  • Marjorie Hall Snook (HSTS), The Stain-Resistant Black Box: The visibility of PFAS compounds and impacts on regulatory efforts
  • Archana Ghodeswar (ECON), Trading One Waste for Another? Unintended Consequences of Industrial Ecology Policy in the Indian Power Sector
  • Phillip Walker Carnell (PubPolicy) Reframing Clean Cookstove Interventions From a Technological Intervention to one of Sustainable Energy Security

Noon-12:45 pm Panel 3: Power & Energy 

Moderator: Vikrant Kamble

  • Jennifer Wilson (PubPolicy): Understanding the Impact of State-Level Financial Incentives on the Deployment of Renewable Energy at Colleges and Universities through Program Identification, Review, and Correlation
  • Gloria Calhoun (HSOC), Entrepreneurs and Technological Change: Inventing Underground Infrastructure (1871-1910)

1-1:55 pm Panel 4: Politics of Science and Technology

Moderator: Mike Bivona (HSOC)

  • Kera Allen (HSOC), “A Castle on a Hill”: The First Microcomputer Public Access Center
  • Suon Choi (Nunn/INTA), Science and Technology as Strategic Assets in North Korea
  • Lenny Stendig (ECON), German U-Boats in WW II: Race to the Bottom of the Atlantic

2-2:55 pm Panel 5: Political Power and Economic Influence

Moderator: Lauren Lange (INTA)

  • Wesley Meredith (Nunn INTA), US and Chinese Great Power Competition in Africa: How it is playing out in the form of aid and development finance
  • Hee Jun Yoo (Nunn INTA), The Belt and Road Initiative, Transition to a New International System
  • Jay Kancherla (PUBP/Cyber), Future Re-identification of Health Data

3-3:45 pm Panel 6: Information, Managing Data Security, and Privacy

Moderator: Nupur Kothari (ECON)

  • Daniel Schiff (PubPolicy), The Liar's Dividend: How Misinformation About Misinformation Affects Politician Support and Trust in Media
  • Pooja Casula (DM/LMC), Twitter, Twitter on the wall, to remove these tweets who should I call?

4-4:55 pm Panel 7: Work, Labor, Caregiving

Moderator: Jancy Liu (ECON)

  • Olga Churkina, Luísa Nazareno, and Matteo Zullo (PubPolicy), The Labor Outcomes of Bilinguals in the United States
  • Aubrey DeVeny Incorvaia (PubPolicy), Becoming an End of Life Doula: An Analytic Autoethnography
  • Vikrant Kamble (ECON), The effect of air pollution on labor force participation of married couples in India

4:55 pm: Announcement of Winners of IAC Essay Competition