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Wednesday, January 27 2021
12:00pm - 1:30pm
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HSOC Graduate Forum Speaker- Trevor Pinch

The School of History and Sociology welcomes Professor Trevor Pinch from Cornell University.  Pinch is the Goldwin Smith Professor of Science & Technology Studies and will speak about “From Bikes to Synths: On the Road with Social Construction of Technology”

In this talk he will review the main ideas of social construction of technology (SCOT), such as interpretive flexibility of technologies, and show how its ideas have gained traction over the years. Pinch will argue that the attention SCOT gives to technological artefacts as hidden carriers of society and culture is one of its enduring strengths. With a detour via the automobile, he will remind us of SCOT’s attention to users, gender and power. Pinch will use his case study of the Moog electronic music synthesizer to bring it all together and show where SCOT may be heading with its encounter between music and Sound Studies.

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