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Tuesday, October 27 2020
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Virtual Event
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Tamesha Squire

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CREATE-X Deep Startups

Deep Startups is an Idea Series that features knowledgeable entrepreneurs who discuss their experiences forming companies that solve big-picture current problems. These individuals speak to the concept of ‘deep startups’ and how to create companies that make a difference.

This talk will be feature Rahul Saxena and his experience prior to running Startup Launch as CEO of a government SaaS company that managed Environmental Health processes. The talk will dive deep into how business process should be incorporated in software architecture, not just in the UI. He will also discuss selling to state and local governments and also the potential value of the data that can be collected.

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Deep Startups | October 27th 2020 5-7pm via Blue Jeans


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