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Wednesday, August 26 2020
6:30pm - 7:45pm
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College in Prison as a Common Good

This event will be our 2nd virtual educational interest meeting to kick off the semester, and we're very excited to host Sarah Higinbotham, the founder and co-director of our affiliate organization, Common Good Atlanta.  Dr. Higinbotham began teaching college courses in prisons while earning her PhD, and taught for two years on her own before, in 2010, she was joined by a graduate school friend, Bill Taft.  She and Bill Taft now co-direct Common Good Atlanta together, which now has courses in three prisons taught by more than fifty volunteer faculty from colleges across Atlanta.  Dr. Higinbotham's experience teaching in prisons is one every American should hear, as it makes apparent many of the harmful aspects of our flawed incarceration system.  We believe that everyone should be entitled to a higher education, especially in a country that claims all are created equal, and we hope you'll join us to hear how Common Good Atlanta works to make the right of education accessible to the incarcerated population.

The event will include time for questions and additional details about joining Common Good Georgia Tech for anyone interested.