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Wednesday, July 29 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm
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Assessment Technologies Overview Session

Please join us today, Wednesday, July 29th at 1 PM for a synchronous session on Assessment Technologies Overview.

During this session, we will walk you through the assessment decision diagram (Links to an external site.) and provide a discussion and demonstration of some of the assessment tools and resources available for assessing remote learners.  (Links to an external site.)

Before you join the session, please download our session's handout to your computer: 

  • Assessment Technologies Overview Handout: This is a PDF handout that supplements what is to be discussed tomorrow. It includes resources that we may not be able to cover in detail during the session as well as links to additional learning materials to help you and your students get to most out of the available assessment technologies.

To join tomorrow's session, follow this link:

We are looking forward to hearing from you at the workshop tomorrow.


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