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Thursday, June 18 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm
For more information:

Christopher Stone, chris.stone@gatech.edu

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PACE - Introduction to Software Version Control with Git

Get control of your source code by using a version control system. In this course, we'll learn how to use Git to manage changes to your source code so that you can track updates and rollback to a previous version in case something breaks. We'll start by learning to use git to create a local personal repository, adding new files, and committing updates. We'll then learn how to host your repository on the GT github server so that others can collaborate and so that you can sychronize the software across different, remote machines.

Git techniques to be covered in this workshop include:

init: create a new repository.
commit: to add new code and to save updates to the repository.
branch: to keep different work-in-progress (WIP) updates seperate.
merge: to bring different code branches back together again.
checkout: to view/edit different code branches or commits.
push and pull: to share your updates on the remote githut repository.

The class will contain hands-on parts which will be completed on PACE resources. Note, that while we will use PACE resources for the hands-on portion, these methods will work on non-PACE systems with git installed. Git is an excellent way to manage your source code across different machine (e.g., your lab and PACE systems).

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Linux.