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Wednesday, April 15 2020
12:00pm - 12:30pm
Seminar Room, Engineered Biosystems Building
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Pediatric Tech Talk Webinar

Overheating lighting instruments coupled with human error are a leading cause of intraoperative fires and patient burns. The healthcare system refers to these as “never events” so they should never happen, right? But, data suggests that they occur more than twice a day. This was a red flag for Jackson Medical Co-founders James Rains and Kamil Makhnejia.

At the Georgia Institute of Technology, Rains and Makhnejia began conceptualizing GloShield™ to address this safety issue. They then brought on to the team Dr. Spencer Kozin, a local Atlanta urologist, who not only resonated with the safety issue being addressed, but also provided clinical expertise to the team.

Together, the future Jackson Medical team knew they had a great base concept but to successfully commercialize the idea, they would need an additional outside design and development perspective. “We knew that we had an innovative concept and that there is nothing like GloShield currently on the market, but needed to ensure that we were taking the correct steps that would help us reach commercialization in a timely and cost-efficient manner,” Rains said.

Professor Rains, Dr. Kozin, Mr. Makhnejia will discuss the questions researchers and innovators must answer and what they should anticipate from a funding and development timeline standpoint at the earliest stages of the pathway in their medical product concept’s journey toward commercialization.

Lunch will be provided free of charge for those who attend in person.