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Monday, January 27 2020
4:30pm - 6:00pm
DM Smith Bldg, Rm 105
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Iran-US Conflict and Cyberattack: What is the risk?

American military actions against Iran have led to fears of retaliation and speculation about what form it might take. One possible avenue of retaliation is a cyberattack. How vulnerable to a foreign cyberattack is the country in general and Georgia Tech in particular? What factors would influence Iran’s or any other adversary’s decision to pursue that option?

Monday, January 27, 2020
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Location: DM Smith Bldg, rm 105
Open to the public, all welcome

Prof. Milton L Mueller (School of Public Policy) Director the M.S. degree programs in Cybersecurity (Policy). Co-founder and director of the Internet Governance Project (IGP), a policy analysis center for global Internet governance.

Prof. Hans Klein (School of Public Policy) Conducts research on Internet governance and teaches courses on Internet & Public Policy.

Prof. Mark Zachary Taylor (School of Public Policy) Conducts research on innovation policy and teaches courses on US government, US foreign policy, and globalization