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Thursday, February 6 2020
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking, 500 10th St NW
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Virginia Howell

Museum Director



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Beyond Words Exhibit Reception and History of Paper Animation Screening

Join us for a celebration reception of the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking's winter exhibit Beyond Words: Visual Narratives from the Block Book to the Graphic Novel. 

From the block books of the Middle Ages to the graphic novels of today, this exhibition examines how pictures and words work together to construct narratives that are complex, subtle, sophisticated, and powerful. 

At 7pm, a screening detailing the history of paper animation will be held in the Paper Tricentennial Building's Seminar Room. This viewing brings viewers on a journey through the development of an interesting form. Developing from Renaissance flaps and turning wheels to abstract images popularized in the 1960s, paper animation has surprising depth and a lasting legacy. Dr. Patrick Ellis, a Brittain Fellow, has collected samples, clips, and images to bring the audience on this paper trail.  

Beyond Words is open through March 16, 2020 

Entries for the 2020 Fast Film Fest will be accepted until 10pm, Friday, February 21, 2020. 

Additional information

The Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking is located at 500 10th St NW. 

The museum is open Monday-Friday, 9-5, admission is free. Groups of 10 or more must book a fee-based program. 

Phone: 404-894-5700

website: www.paper.gatech.edu 

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