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Saturday, February 29 2020
11:00am - 3:00pm
Bill Moore Student Success Center
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Project Africa 2020

Project Africa is amongĀ the African Student Association'sĀ foremost educational initiatives, giving young people the space to discuss their intentions and visions for structuring a better Africa. In addition, we strive to provide access to professional contacts who are already working towards creating a new Africa. This annual conference targets students who are interested in the future of the economic, social, and political landscapes of the many countries in Africa. This initiative gives each student the opportunity to share their thoughts and any solutions they have in mind for their nation of heritage.

The event also serves as a space for students to build connections with the continent and rebuild ties that have been historically severed. Through Project Africa, students are given the conversation space to discuss their intentions for structuring the Africa they want. In these conversations, we invite professionals in business and industry to speak on their work on the continent. We also provide a platform for the transmission of advice to the younger generation to make themselves of greatest use in ensuring a strong future for African nations and their peoples.

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