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Thursday, November 14 2019
MRDC 4211
Free food
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SMTA Tech Talk Event
What is SMTA?

The Surface Mount Technology Association or SMTA is a global association of companies, students and professionals working in or studying the fields of electronics, manufacturing, and engineering. The purpose of SMTA is to advance the electronics and engineering industries by providing member education and helping members develop a professional network. For student members, this means learning more about your field, going to conferences all over the world to meet some of the smartest people and most successful businesses, and developing a professional network to help you get the inside track on internships and jobs.

Why should I join SMTA at Georgia Tech?
  • Only $20 annually to become and stay a member
  • Get access to thousands of journals and webinars to develop your skills as an engineer and earn certifications
  • Get access (and sometimes fully funded) to attend many national and international conferences where in you can:
  • Network directly with CEOs and hiring managers at many of the largest companies in electronics and engineering
  • See some of the most cutting-edge research in your field at exhibits and technical talks
  • Present and/or publish your own research
  • Hiring and internship placement assistance from SMTA HQ and SMTA Atlanta Chapter
  • Add to your resume by becoming a student chapter officer (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.)
  • Tours of many world-class facilities working in electronics engineering
  • Opportunities to win annual student awards
  • Hutchins Education Grant ($8,000) <- last two winners were from Georgia Tech including me!
  • Stromberg Leadership Scholarship ($3,000)
  • Many fun meetings and events with free food!
Where can I go to learn more about SMTA?
  • SMTA GT Technical Talk: 5pm on November 14th, MRDC 4211
                Topic:  Product Development Process: how to take an idea from a sketch on a napkin to something sitting in your Amazon cart
                Speaker: Eric Lange, Senior Design Engineer at Kids 2
  • www.smta.org
How can I become an SMTA member?
  • Go to www.smta.org/membership and apply for a new student membership at the Georgia Tech Student Chapter
  • Bring $20 to any of the events above and ask to become a member

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at benstewart@gatech.edu.

Thank you and regards,

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