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Monday, October 7 2019
11:00am - 12:30pm
Piedmont Room, Student Center
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Fundamentals of Intercultural Understanding: Culture and Perception

The On-Campus Internationalization work-group is excited to present the Intercultural Workshop Series for GT faculty and staff. The series focuses on intercultural competency development to assist members of the GT community with intercultural communication and practices. Intercultural skills are used to improve communication and enhance one’s ability to support and engage people that may be from different backgrounds. The series will provide participants the opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools needed to encourage intercultural competence development.

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Session One (October 7) Fundamentals of Intercultural Understanding: Culture and Perception Culture shapes our perspectives and the ways in which we interact with others. Reviewing the fundamentals of intercultural communication will allow participants to identify aspects of their own culture and navigate the gaps between perception and intercultural understanding. This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge to recognize cultural differences, the tools to advance intercultural understanding, and an overview of the role of perception in intercultural interactions and misunderstandings.

Session Two (November 18) Cultural Awareness: An Overview of Cultural Values Orientation Cultural awareness and the ability to engage in intercultural understanding with others can significantly impact one’s personal and professional development. An understanding of cultural values will assist participants in creating positive connections with people from other cultures. While some cultural differences like language and mannerisms may seem obvious, invisible differences in values such as communication styles or hierarchy often cause misunderstanding.