All Georgia Tech sponsored events through April 30, including athletics competitions, are cancelled, postponed or will move to a virtual format. We are reviewing all events April 30 and will provide guidance at a later date. 

Thursday, September 19 2019
Student Center Room 332
Free food
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Cracking Assignments Inside Out

Have you noticed that there is a constant chatter going on in your head? Have you considered most of the bugs (read problems) in your life are because this chatter doesn't end? SKY at Georgia Tech brings to you a unique session in which you learn hacks into your own mind, including tips and techniques to debug it and bring out the bubbling, energetic and productive you that will help you crack your assignments and be extremely productive like never before. Come decode your own mind and unravel its mysteries with some powerful breathing techniques and refreshing meditation. We will also have free refreshments and drinks.

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