Sunday, March 31 2019
Scheller College of Business, Room 4153
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Ideas to Serve Application Deadline

Applications are due March 31 by 9 PM. 

Please email your Executive Summary and include the YouTube link of your Video to

Content and formatting information available on the I2S website.

We are excited to announce a new philosophy for our competition – one that focuses on an in-depth understanding of the social/environmental issue a student is passionate about. The model we now strive to implement provides a comprehensive approach to social innovation. This approach encourages students  identify and build on the assets of the communities they want to serve; research the solution landscape to learn from both what works, and what failed (and why); take a systems approach to identifying the root cause versus the symptoms of the issue; conduct customer discovery to better understand the needs of the community; and to carefully consider the possible unintended consequences of any solution they might propose.

We are morphing our previous tracks - Ideas and Advanced - into two new tracks: Problem Discovery Track -  for students who are exploring a social/environmental issue with the intent of gaining a deep understanding of that space and where their skills fit in, and Solutions Discovery Track - for students who are more advanced on their discovery journey and are formulating community-based solutions. The competition is open to any current Georgia Tech student (undergraduate and graduate) and recent alumni. 

Finalists will be notified by April 6. Finals Poster Showcase is on April 11.

Participating in I2S also fulfills the Final Deliverable requirement for the Serve-Learn-Sustain Innovating for Social Impact Program.

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