Friday, March 15 2019
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Scheller College of Business, Room 4153
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Ideas to Serve Intent to Compete

Submit your Intent to Compete by March 15!

Our approach to Social Innovation is evolving – join us! Submit your one paragraph description of the social/environmental issues you are exploring through the Intent to Compete form, attend our remaining workshops, and join the Center for Civic Innovation for a social start-up boot camp on us ($50 value) on March 30. Explore to learn more about Tracks, Deliverables, and Prizes.

Students who are interested in understanding complex problems and/or involved in community - based grassroots efforts to address such problems but don't have an "innovation" can now be part of I2S - strengthening the "serve" component of it.

We are morphing our previous tracks - Ideas and Advanced - into two new tracks: Problem Discovery Track -  for students who are exploring a social/environmental issue with the intent of gaining a deep understanding of that space and where their skills fit in, and Solutions Discovery Track - for students who are more advanced on their discovery journey and are formulating community-based solutions.

These changes to the format were developed in close partnership with Serve-Learn-Sustain, as we have worked with them over the past 1.5 years to create and launch the new SLS Innovating for Social Impact Program. The changes in approach were inspired by feedback from our expert collaborators – judges and mentors, who are practitioners in the social impact space, and who have worked with I2S teams for many years.

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