Thursday, March 28 2019
11:30am - 1:00pm
Piedmont Room, Student Center
Free food
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Felicia Turner

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Making Clickers Work: Strategies and Techniques

According to a survey that the Center for Teaching and Learning conducted last year, about 40% of the 574 students who responded said their instructors used clickers effectively in class. These students also tended to agree that using clickers helped their learning and wished that more of their classes would use them. Other students considered using clickers less beneficial to their learning.  

What does it take to make clickers support student learning? How can we use them as an efficient means to identify and address students' misconceptions during class? How might we leverage the potential of clickers to facilitate learning activities that are often challenging to implement in large classes? 

In this workshop, we will share what our survey revealed about student perceptions of what could be done to help them learn with the use of clickers. In addition, several faculty from different disciplines who have extensive experience with using clickers will share their strategies and techniques. Please come and join your colleagues for a discussion on how to use clickers to challenge and engage students for better learning experiences and outcomes. 

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