Thursday, March 7 2019
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Klaus Advanced Computing Building Room 2448
Free food
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CREATE-X Deep Startups: Demystifying Venture Capital

Introducing the new Associate Director of CREATE-X Startup Launch

If you are familiar with startups, you have probably heard the term VC or Venture Capital, but what does it mean? How do startups gain venture capital? Startup Launch Associate Director, Rahul Saxena, was a venture capitalist for 10 years at the Seraph Group. Learn how VC's think, operate, and why it could be the best and worst decision to partner with them.

About Deep Startups

Deep Startups is an Idea Series that features knowledgeable entrepreneurs who discuss their experiences forming companies that solve big-picture current problems. These individuals speak to the concept of ‘deep startups’ and how to create companies that make a difference. Each Deep Startups event focuses on a different broad topic in engineering/technology and allows for student Q&A at the end of the event.

About Rahul Saxena 

Rahul Saxena is the Associate Director for CREATE-X Launch.  In his role, he works with students to help them launch and scale successful startups. Leading up to this role, Rahul had a career as a Venture Capitalist, startup CEO, entrepreneur, mechatronic design engineer, and published academic researcher.   He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech where he also conducted research on the fluid mechanics of mechanical heart valves, both as an undergrad and then as a research engineer.  He then pursued a European Masters at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Mechanics under a NATO fellowship.  

After returning, Rahul went to Silicon Valley where he worked as a mechatronic engineer at a startup company that was developing and selling high-throughput automation equipment for genetics research.  As the bubble burst, he moved back to Atlanta where he worked on a few different startups while also pursuing his MBA at Emory University's Goizueta School of Business.  

After finishing the degree, he joined an early-stage venture capital firm, Seraph Group, where he worked for 10 years evaluating and investing in companies while also serving on several Boards of companies that went on to be acquired.  During this time, Rahul took a direct operating role as CEO of one of its portfolio companies that faced numerous issues and was able to successfully exit it to the leading provider in the market.  The company is a SaaS provider to government agencies for one of the leading restaurant permitting and inspections software. 

Food will be served.

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