Saturday, March 9 2019
10:00am - 2:00pm
Naugle Communication Center, Clough Commons 447
Free food
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2nd Annual Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon

A Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon is a large, scheduled social event that gathers individuals with varying levels of experience in Wikipedia together to add to, improve, copyedit and “Wikify” articles on a given topic. The event gives newcomers insight and experience into how Wikipedia works and (maybe even more importantly) improves one of the largest public-facing reference resources on the Internet.

This event will empower students, faculty and staff to join the community of Wikipedia editors and add to one of the world’s largest and most popular reference texts. Working side-by-side with other editors with a variety of writing and editing expertise, participants can get tips and advice on how to start, write, edit, and “Wikifiy” Wikipedia pages. Participants can use their diverse knowledge, research skills, and digital editing abilities to contribute their existing expertise or engage in new research during the event.

Participants can share their research, exercise their social responsibilities as members of a prestigious technical institute, and expand the influence of diverse voices in STEM (while eating free bagels!)