Monday, March 25 2019
4:30pm - 5:45pm
Scheller College of Business, Room 314
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Ideas to Serve Competition Workshop

Passionate about a social/environmental issue but not sure where to start (or have you started, and not sure where to next)? Attend the weekly workshops to learn different tools that will help you on your problem discovery journey. Check-out all the resources I2S offers on our website

This week’s workshop will focus on the Art of Presentation, and the recommended reading/video to help you prepare is: read from SpeechWork website.

Participation in the Ideas to Serve Competition fulfils the Final Deliverable requirement for the SLS Innovating for Social Impact Program.

Please note this workshop series is part of MGT4803 J: Social Impact, but you don’t have to be enrolled in the course to attend the workshops.

Directions to Room 314

Take main elevator to 3rd floor, walk straight ahead, through the glass doors, until you hit the next hallway – there take a right through the large glass panels. Room 314 will be on your left.

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