Monday, February 4 2019
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Room 319, Student Center
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Kartik Kothari

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Unleashing Your Best: Tips for a Successful Interview

Stressing out over your Job or Internship Interviews? We got your back!

We all want to crack the interview with our dream company and get the eye-candy job we've been waiting for. We know the math and the grind - but is that what interviewers are really looking for? What makes you stand out amongst the smart folks around you? Do you feel you know the answer but somehow the words don't come out right?

We invite you to a workshop with successful professionals, who have mastered the Art of Interviews. They will share special skills and tips which will unleash your potential moving you into a space where you can be your 100% when and where it matters!

Through techniques of meditation and holistic breathing, the will unravel how you can let go of stress and anxiety and help you be resilient and sharp in an interview. This session is designed to reduce your stress, enhance your focus and upgrade your productivity so that you are better prepared for your interviews.