Wednesday, February 6 2019
10:00am - 2:00pm
Georgia Tech Library: Crosland Tower
Free food
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Library Open House Feb. 6

The Georgia Tech Library will host an open house for students, faculty and staff Wednesday, Feb. 6 from 10-2 in the newly refurbished Crosland Tower.

The event, which features hourly tours of the Library, includes a self-guided portion with the Library staff who manage each specialty space. Refreshments will be provided.

Tours of the facility will be held hourly beginning at the Bobby Dodd Way/Grove-level entrance at 10 a.m. To secure a spot on a tour, visit our online sign-up.

The tower, closed for renovations since January 2016, features eight stories of archives, classroom, study, and studio space for Tech’s students, faculty, and staff. Included are spaces and technology for data visualization, high-performance computing, multimedia studies, collaboration, and iterative design.

Over the last 36 months, crews removed the brick façade of Crosland Tower, built in 1968 to house a rapidly growing collection of books. Originally, the building was meant to keep out sunlight harmful to the books, housing stacks on seven-foot high, reinforced floors.

In its new iteration, Crosland Tower boasts loads of natural light and soaring, multi-floor atriums mirroring the midcentury modern architecture of Price Gilbert Memorial Library, now under renovation until 2020.

When complete, both buildings will more than double seating capacity while cutting energy consumption by nearly 60 percent.

For more information about the ongoing transformation, visit or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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