Wednesday, February 6 2019
10:00am - 8:00pm
10-2pm CCB commons ; 6:30pm-8pm Klaus 1116 West
Free food, freebies
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Contact Megan Michel, Event Coordinator for Career Services for more information.

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GTRI Day on Campus

Day in the Lobby

Bring your resume and come chat with recruiters from GTRI in the College of Computing commons anytime between 10am and 2pm.

Can’t make it in the morning?

Tech Talk – GitVerse

Presenter: Nathan Braswell, GTRI CIPHER Lab

Nathan Braswell of GTRI's CIPHER lab will discuss his project GitVerse. GitVerse is a decentralized alternative to centralized Git repository hosts such as GitHub and GitLab. Using distributed filesystems (IPFS and Ethereum Swarm) and the Ethereum blockchain, a fairly feature-complete alternative can be constructed, and we have developed a proof-of-concept. The distributed filesystems work similarly to BitTorrent where each client serves part of the file being shared, instead of having a central server supplying the entire file to every client, while the Ethereum blockchain tracks the hash of the most recent version and controls access. GitVerse is more resilient to malicious attacks and unaffected by any one company's whims. GitVerse’s serverless architecture also allows it to be set up easily in restricted environments, including out in the field and inside closed labs.

Free food will be provided if you come early!