Friday, January 18 2019
9:00am - 12:00pm
Piedmont Room, Student Center
Free food
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Dr. Tammy McCoy

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Academic Job Search 102: Academic interviewing and job talk

Most faculty positions are posted in the fall semester to start the following academic year. As such, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars going on the job market for faculty positions within the next year should prepare and submit their application packets in the fall semester. The spring career workshop series helps you sharpen your interview skills and prepare for job talks, just in time for on-campus interview season.

At this workshop, you will investigate the academic job interview process, from the phone interview through the job talk. Alleviate anxiety by understanding the fundamentals for preparing an oral presentation for your next job interview or conference presentation. Bring your current CV and a sample job description to which you have applied. This session includes both academic interviewing and academic job talks.