Friday, February 1 2019
3:00pm - 4:00pm
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Plasma, Fusion and PPPL: The Quest for Making a Star on Earth

School of Physics, Nonlinear Science & Mathematical Physics Seminar, Dr. Arturo Dominguez, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

The challenge of developing sustainable, safe environmentally friendly sources of energy is one of the most important scientific endeavors of the modern world.  At the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, research is being conducted in various fields of plasma physics, including the primary mission of the laboratory: the development of fusion energy as an alternative energy source. This presentation will discuss the physics of fusion plasmas, the challenges towards the goal of a fusion future, and the research opportunities available (both, at PPPL and elsewhere), including undergraduate internships as well as student and faculty workshops.


Dr. Arturo Dominguez received his bachelor’s degree in physics at the University of Texas Austin and his Ph.D. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He did his doctoral work on development and analysis of a reflectometry system for the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center at MIT. As postdoc and now a senior program leader in the PPPL Science Education Department, he has conducted research on dusty plasmas and the development of plasma demos, in particular, the merging of online learning tools and actual lab experiments.

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