Wednesday, November 14 2018
Historic Academy of Medicine
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Saif Kabariti

Student Government Association

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SGA "Revolutionaries" — Ellen Dunham-Jones

The Student Government Association's “Revolutionaries” series is intended to inspire Tech students with the most accomplished and distinguished members of our faculty and to learn about the path they have taken to become pioneers in their respective fields.

We want to understand what motivated and drove them to where they are now. As the leaders of tomorrow, it is important for us to see how someone who is successful in his or her endeavors got started and how we can replicate that process to someday make our own revolutionary contributions.

The three-part series will feature:

  • Nov. 14: Ellen Dunham-Jones
    6 p.m., Historic Academy of Medicine
  • Nov. 28: Ashok Goel and Mostafa El-Sayed
    6 p.m., Historic Academy of Medicine
  • Dec. 3: Younan Xia and Kim Cobb
    6 p.m., Historic Academy of Medicine

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