Thursday, November 29 2018
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Georgia Tech Stephen C. Hall Room 102, Atlanta, GA
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SPP Speaker Series: Robert Mendelsohn

More about the talk:
The planet is struggling to begin mitigation as countries continue to free ride off one
another. If this continues, there are many dire projections of climate change that imply
a dark future world. This talk examines whether adaptation lightens this future. We
look at agriculture and sea level rise and show that although adaptation cannot fully
prevent future climate damage, the human race will endure. There is a policy solution to
climate change.

More about Robert Mendelsohn:
Professor Mendelsohn has written over one hundred peer-reviewed articles and
edited six books. The focus of his research has been the valuation of the environment.
He has developed methods to value natural ecosystems including coral reefs, oldgrowth
forests, non-timber forest products, ecotourism, and outdoor recreation. He has
also developed methods to value pollution including emissions of criteria pollutants
(such as particulates and sulfur dioxide) and hazardous waste sites. His most recent
work values the impacts of greenhouse gases, including the effects of climate change on
agriculture, forests, water resources, energy, and coasts. This research carefully integrates adaptation into impact assessment and has recently been extended to developing countries around the world. He has also been involved in studies of nonrenewable resources, forest management, and specifically carbon sequestration in forests.

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