Monday, November 12 2018
10:30am - 1:30pm
Press Room B, Student Success Center
Free food
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Engaging Ethics through Media: "The Big Short"

Screening of the 2015 film "The Big Short," including thematic discussion with Scheller College of Business Associate Professor Karie Davis-Nozemack.

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About Karie Davis-Nozemack:
Davis-Nozemack teaches courses involving the application of law and ethics to business.  She researches legal and ethical mechanisms for constraining opportunistic managerial behavior, including tax whistleblowers, tax compliance strategies, and fiduciary duty.  

About the event:
Co-sponsors: the Georgia Tech Honors Program and Undergraduate SGA. A featured event of Ethics Awareness Week.

More on "Gattaca" is available at:
Note that this film is rated R (for pervasive language and some sexuality/nudity)

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