Sunday, November 11 2018
6:00pm - 10:00pm
Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
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Taste of Africa: The Spirit of Unity

Taste of Africa this year attempts to incorporate as much of The Continent and its vast multitude of cultures and world views as possible into one showcase on stage. The theme of T.O.A. is The Spirit of Unity, where an ancestral spirit guides 5 youths from different parts of The Continent to solve their problems as one. The layout will include a dinner in the reception area, a series of skits played throughout T.O.A in the theatre, and an African fashion show to culminate the event.

T.O.A. 2018 will be a mix of romanticizing the wonders of different African cultures through attire, food, music, and dance, combined with serious messages that touch on the deep issues every region of Africa (Central, South, East, North, and West Africa) has and present real-world solutions in a dramatic way.

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