Wednesday, November 7 2018
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Student Center Ballroom
Free food
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Pakistani Student Association Saqafat

PSA (Pakistani Student Association) at Georgia Tech is organizing its annual cultural event SAQAFAT on November 7, 2018. It is our biggest event of the year and we host nearly 350 GT students each year.

SAQAFAT is the annual cultural event of the Pakistani Students Association. In Urdu language, "Saqafat" (pronounced SƏ-KÄ-FƏT) means "culture." It highlights the culturally diverse ethnic groups in Pakistan that blend together to represent what the country truly stands for. PSA will showcase the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan in Saqafat '18. You are invited to this event to experience the Pakistani culture, taste the cuisine, and enjoy the ambiance as performers enthrall the audience with live music, anecdotes from folk lore and history.  

Highlights of the event:

  1. Free for all Georgia Tech community.
  2. Cultural performances, Live Music
  3. Pakistani Dinner for ALL attendees

Tickets are free for Georgia Tech students. Seats are limited so sign up ASAP!



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