Thursday, November 1 2018
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Marcus Nanotechnolgy Building 1117-1118 | 345 Ferst Drive | Atlanta GA | 30332
Free food
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Decision Making for Experiments: Using MOSFET Development as a Case Study

Decision Making for Experiments
Using MOSFET Development as a Case Study

Winston Chern - MIT

Abstract: Decision making is not a topic commonly taught in academia, even though it is essential to researchers.  This presentation gives an introduction on decision making in research and project management from the point of view of business and research projects. The goal of this is to provide a framework for beginning researchers on how to get from the point of just start a research project until achieving their longer-term goal. The concepts will be introduced from the point of view of a running a development project in a business. The standard approach is to break the problem down into the development of each of the smaller components and to managing the risk of each individual component; strategies to manage the risk of the project will be the focus.  On top of risk mitigation, a framework will be given on how to think about solving problems at the component level. Putting all of the concepts together, differences will be shown between research and development and the concepts will be applied to the development of a MOSFET as a case study

Bio: Winston Chern graduated from MIT with his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Feb. 2017 under the supervision of Dimitri Antoniadis and with his MS under Judy Hoyt. An expert in CMOS device integration, he worked at IBM T.J. Watson as a research intern and has won the best paper award in IEEE Electron Device Letters, the George E. Smith Award in 2015, and the Ernst Guillerman award for best master’s thesis in 2013. Winston currently holds 3 positions that focus on advancing the technology readiness of prototype devices, including work on transferring technologies from academia to foundries and national laboratories. His projects range from commercialization of field emitter arrays with Akintunde (Tayo) Akinwande at MIT, advanced device integration as a Staff per Diem at Draper Stark Research Laboratories, and advanced lithography and imaging work as a Research Engineer at Izentis LLC.

Pizza and Drinks will be provided.