Wednesday, November 7 2018
11:30am - 12:45pm
Student Center, Piedmont Room
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Felicia Turner


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A New Solution to the Teaching Conundrum of What to Do with Student Writing
A New Solution to the Teaching Conundrum of What to Do with Student Writing
Invited Speaker: Dr. Karie Davis-Nozemack

Responding to student writing can be a chore.  No matter how much you believe that the writing you assign in your course is vital to your students’ success, providing feedback often turns into a Sisyphean task.  You find yourself making deals with yourself (grade three papers and you’ve earned a cup of coffee, three more papers and you can take a break, etc.). 

How can you turn writing into a learning opportunity for your students without being crushed by the weight of their papers?  Is there a more effective way to give students frequent opportunities to practice and refine their writing skills?  Is there a less time-intensive way to provide feedback to each of your students and grade their writing?

During this Teaching with Technology Spotlight session, Dr. Karie Davis-Nozemack, Associate Professor in the Scheller College of Business, will share her experiences with Essay Wizard, a tool she uses to provide analytical writing opportunities to students in her large classes.  This software allows students to edit their writing by guiding them with scaffolding questions and follow-up prompts.  After demonstrating how Essay Wizard works, Dr. Davis-Nozemack will highlight feedback her students have provided on the effectiveness of using Essay Wizard to develop their writing skills. She will also discuss how other instructors could potentially adopt or adapt the software in their classes. 

Join us in this session on how to leverage technology to use your time efficiently to help students become effective writers. 

Lunch will be provided and please register.